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1890's Indian Cent XF 10 Mixed 1890's Indian Cent XF 1900 to 1912-D Liberty 1900 to 1912-D Liberty 1942-P to 1945-S Silver Jefferson War Nickel Set in Capital Plastics Holder 1853 Arrows Seated Liberty Half Dime 1936-S Buffalo Nickel CH/AU 1936-S Buffalo Nickel CH/AU 3 Coins 1861 Seated Liberty Half Dime 1872 Shield Nickel 1911 Liberty 1920 Buffalo Nickel 1927 Buffalo Nickel 1929 Buffalo Nickel 1927 & 1929 Buffalo Nickel Pair 1929-S & 1930 Mercury Dime Pair 1929-S Mercury Dime 1930 Mercury Dime 1929-D Walking Liberty Half 1929-S Walking Liberty Half 1929-D & 1929-S Walking Liberty Halves
Quantity: Skyline Coins