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440-404 BC Athenian Owl Tetradrachm NGC MS 5/5 5/5 France Denier 1199-1249 NGC 591-628 AD Sasanian Empire AR Drachm NGC AU 1648 High Grade Lion Dollar Neth-Gelderland PCGS 44-51 AD Parthian Kingdom Bi Tetradrachm NGC XF Silver Taras Dolphin Didrachm NGC Ch VF Austria 3K Leopold I  Holy Roman Emperor VF to XF NGC 275 - 215 BC Hieron II Syracuse, Sicily NGC Choice VF 1808 India 10 Cash Madras Presidency PCGS Levon I King of Armenia 1198-1219 NGC 1858 India 1/4 Anna Copper MS 65 Red Brown Greek Coinage 3rd - 2nd Centuries BC Histiaia Euboea Island NGC VF
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