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6th-5th Centuries BC Ionia, Miletus AR Obol NGC 3rd Century BC AR Didrachm Silver Taras on Dolphin NGC Ch VF 336-323 BC Macedon Alexander III AR Tetradrachm NGC VF 272-240 BC Greek Calabria Tarentum ANACS VF 35 AD 37-44 AE Prutah Herod Agrippa I -  Ruler of Judea NGC 198-217 Roman AR Denarius - Caracalla NGC XF 238-244 Roman Empire Gordian III - Double-Denarius NGC XF AD 337-361 Constantius II Roman AE Nummus NGC Ch VF AD 337-361 Constantius II Bronze Roman AE 3/4 Bi Nummus NGC AU cAD 330-340 Constantine Roman AE 3/4 Bi Nummus NGC 1500’s K.B. “Madonna & Child” Hungary Silver Denar 135-37 BC Judaea AE Prutah “Widow’s Mite”
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