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1999 to 2008-P/D/S/S Complete Statehood Quarter Set Gem BU & Proof 1948 to 1963-P/D/S Franklin Half Set 2009-P/D/S/S D.C. & U.S. Territory 24-coin Quarter Set in Album Gem BU & Proof 1964 to 2011-P/D/S/S Kennedy Half Dollar 158-pc Set in Album Gem Proof 2012 to 2019-P/D/S/S Kennedy Half Dollar 32-pc Set in Album Gem BU 1964 to 2019 Kennedy Half Dollar Sets in 2 Dansco Albums Gem BU & Proof 2007 to 2016-P/D/S Presidential Dollar 117-pc Set in 2 albums Gem BU & Proof 1971 to 1978-P/D/S/S Complete Eisenhower Dollar 32-pc Set BU & Proof 1941 to 1947-P/D/S Walking Liberty Half Dollar Short Set (20 coins) 1933-S to 1947-P/D/S Extended Short Set in Dansco Album ( 40 coins) Complete Susan B. Anthony Dollar Set in Album Superb BU & Proof 2000 to 2019-P/D/S Complete Sacagawea Dollar Set in Album Superb BU & Proof
Quantity: Skyline Coins