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85-65 BC Pontus Amisus under Mithradates VI - NGC
58 BC Drachm of Azes I/II - Coins of the 3 Wise Men
1st Century AD Arabia Felix Himyarites AR Drachm
AD 37-44 AE Prutah Herod Agrippa I - Ruler of Judea NGC
44-51 AD Parthian Kingdom Bi Tetradrachm
AD 54-68 Egyptian Nero Bi Tetradrachm
AD 59-62 Porcius Festus Judaea Procurator NGC
1st & 2nd Century AD Kushan Kingdom Tetradrachm NGC
198-217 Roman AR Denarius - Caracalla NGC XF
193-217 AD Roman Empire Julia Domn Silver Denarius
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