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AD 222-235 Severus Alexander Silver Roman Denarius - NGC XF
238-244 Roman Empire Gordian III - Double-Denarius NGC XF
Bhartrdaman Ancient Silver India Drachm Saka Ruler: 278 to 295 Sharp F/VF
305 to 311 AD Galerius Caesar Roman Empire BI Nummus - NGC Choice XF
AD 307-337 Roman Constantine I Bi Nummus NGC MS
308 to 324 AD Licinius I House of Constantine Bronze NGC XF
cAD 330-340 Constantine Roman AE 3/4 Bi Nummus NGC
AD 337-340 Constantine Epfig Hoard Bi Nummus NGC XF
AD 337-361 Constantius II Gladiator AE Nummus NGC Ch VF
309-379 AD Sasanian Empire Shahpur II Silver Drachm
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