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6th-5th Centuries BC Ionia, Miletus AR Obol - NGC
5th to 4th Century BC Achaemenid Empire Silver Siglos - NGC
440-404 BC Athenian Owl Tetradrachm NGC MS 5/5 5/5
4th Century BC Dichalkon Zeus Bronze: Crannon, Thessaly
Kingdom of Persis 3rd Century B.C. Ardaxsir II - Sharp XF NGC
336-323 BC Macedon Alexander III AR Tetradrachm - NGC VF
3rd Century BC AR Didrachm Silver Taras on Dolphin
Greek Coinage 3rd - 2nd Centuries BC Histiaia Euboea Island - NGC VF
275 - 215 BC Hieron II Syracuse, Sicily - NGC Choice VF
272-240 BC Greek Calabria Tarentum ANACS VF 35
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