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5th to 4th Century BC Achaemenid Empire Silver Siglos NGC Kingdom of Persis 3rd Century B.C. Ardaxsir II 135-37 BC Judaea AE Prutah “Widow’s Mite” NGC 120-63 BC Pontus Amisus with Gorgon & Nike NGC 85-65 BC Pontus Amisus under Mithradates VI NGC 58 BC Drachm of Azes I/II - Coins of the 3 Wise Men NGC AD 54-68 Egyptian Nero Bi Tetradrachm NGC 198-217 Roman AR Denarius - Caracalla NGC XF Austria 3K Leopold I  Holy Roman Emperor VF to XF NGC AD 337-340 Constantine Epfig Hoard Bi Nummus NGC XF Bhartrdaman Ancient Silver India Drachm Saka Ruler: 278 to 295 Sharp F/VF 1808 India 10 Cash Madras Presidency
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