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211 - 208 BC Silver Roman Republic Victoriatus NGC Choice MS 160-145 BC Kingdom of Menander Bactrian Indo- Greece Bronze Chalkos F/VF 135-37 BC Judaea AE Prutah “Widow’s Mite” NGC 120-63 BC Pontus Amisus with Gorgon & Nike NGC 2nd to 1st Century BC Mysia, Pergamum Bronze NGC Bactria Indo-Greek 105-90 B.C. Hermaeus Drachm XF NGC 100 to 50 BC Silver Celtic Gaul Quinarius 85-65 BC Pontus Amisus under Mithradates VI 58 BC Drachm of Azes I/II - Coins of the 3 Wise Men AD 37-44 AE Prutah Herod Agrippa I - Ruler of Judea 1st Century AD Arabia Felix Himyarites AR Drachm AD 26-36 Pontius Pilate Bronze AE Prutah
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