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6th-5th Cent. BC Ionia Miletus NGC 5th-4th Cent. BC Achaemenid Silver Silos NGC 440-404 BC Athenian Owl NGC CH.AU 4th Cent. BC Dichalkon Zeus Bronze NGC 3rd Cent. BC Kingdom of Persia NGC XF 336-323 BC Macedon Alexander III Tetradrachm NGC VF 3rd Cent. BC Didrachm Silver Taras on Dolphin NGC CH.VF 3rd-2nd Cent. BC Histiaia Euboea Island NGC VF 375-215 BC Hieron II Syracuse, Sicily  NGC CH.VF 272-240 BC Greek Calabria Trentun ANACS VF 35 246-225 BC Seleucid Kingdom Seleucus II NGC CH.AU Strike 5/5 211-208 BC Roman Republic AR Victoriatus NGC XF
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