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1652 Pine Tree Silver Shilling VF/XF 1723 Rosa Americana Pence With Crown Rev. CH.AU 1723 Rosa Americana Utile Dulce 1 Pence CH.AU 1722 Rosa Americana Utile Dulce 2 Pence XF 1723 Hibernia Halfpenny CH.AU/UNC 1723 Hibernia Halfpenny XF/AU 1724 Hibernia Halfpenny Brown BU 1723 Hibernia Halfpenny Farthing Del Gratis Rex Brown BU 1739-W Sou Marque French Colonies AU/UNC 1787 Fugio Cent Rev. States United Cross After Date VF+ 1773 Virginia Half Penny with Period CH.BU 1787 Draped Bust Left CT Snipe Nose Cent CH.AU
Quantity: Skyline Coins