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238-244 Roman Empire Gordian III NGC XF 270-275 AD Roman Empire Bronze Aurelian NGC XF 276-282 AD Roman Probus NGC CH.AU 276-282 AD Roman Emperor Probus NGC MS 278-295 AD Silver India Drachm Saka Ruler VF/XF 307-337 AD London Mint Constantine I Bi Nummus NGC AU 308-324 AD Licinius I House of Constantine Bronze NGC XF 309-379 AD Sasanian Empire Silver Drachm NGC 316-326 AD Roman Crispus House of Constantine NGC MS 330-340 AD Constantine Roman AE 3/4 Bi Nummus NGC 337-340 AD Constantine II Epfig Hoard NGC XF 337-361 AD Bronze Roman Constantius II NGC VF
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