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337-361 AD Constantius II Bronze Roman Bi Nummus NGC AU 337-340 AD Constantine II Roman Empire Bi Nummus NGC MS 591-628 AD Sasanian Empire Drachm NGC AU 780-793 AD Tabaristan Hemidrachm NGC MS 787-789 AD Tabaristan Sulaiman Hemidrachm NGC MS 11th-12th Cent. Western Chalukya Empire VF-XF 11th-12th Cent. Western Chalukya Empire VF-XF (x3) 1139-1339 AD Italian One Denaro Levon I King of Armenia NGC 1199-1249 France Denier 1268-1275 Venice Italy 1/2 Grosso NGC 1300-1400 Austria Silver Heller 1331-1371 Ivan Aleksander Bulgarian Silver Gros NCG MS62
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